A San Diego high rise featuring white marble floors and minimalist decor


Aside from adding value to your home, marble floors offer a timeless footprint to any home. From a modern loft towering above the water line, to french chateaus engulfed in topiary, marble is a statement of luxury and an integral part of today’s modern masterpieces.

But that opulence comes with a price. The cost of marble flooring is dependent on many factors including the marble choice, square footage, and custom design work just to mention a few. With that in mind, this multi-part installment will offer you an overview as to what to expect when getting a quote.

For starters, some homeowners like to purchase their own marble thinking it will save them some money. Now unless you know marble, and understand the trade, chances are you may get the marble for cheaper, but what the seller may not disclose is the fact that it’s a cheaper grade.

When purchasing marble yourself, here are the expected costs:

  • $5 per square foot of marble – basic designs and models
  • $10 per square foot for higher grades and special finishes
  • If you choose to add any custom engraving, polishes or paint, the cost per square foot can add up to $40
  • If you’re purchasing the marble from a contractor, expect to incur anywhere between $7-$10 per square foot.


QUALITY – Much like diamonds, marble is graded on different criteria and can be rated as either an A, B, C or D.  Grade A marble will typically costs the most due to an extensive manufacturing process. Furthermore, Grade A marble will display very few geological flaws whereas Grade D will have more natural faults, which often require the use of fillers such as cement or epoxies.

*In a future post, we will be going into more detail about the varying grades of marble. We will also talk about how grade D marble can still look incredible with the right installation and motif. 

SIZE MATTERS – The bigger the piece the more expensive it will be. Running a standard 12 x 12-inch marble tile may cost in the neighborhood of $5 per square foot, whereas an 8×10-inch tile would price at roughly $8-$10. As the pieces become bigger the prices jump exponentially with some slabs costing anywhere between $25 to $80 a square foot.

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