With Ferrari 250 GTO’s fetching upwards of $30 million, this  replica made of Arabescato marble, is a steal at $36,000. 

When one company set out to pay homage to the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO,  they in turn created a replica that a fraction of the price, and size.  Four times smaller, and one-thousand times more affordable, this marble replica of the Ferrari GTO was created by luxury stone specialists, Lapicida – based in Yorkshire.

In total, it took the company 100 hours to create this gem. In the process, they wanted the replica to feature the correct proportions, the right contours and the proper details so they employed the use of 3D scanners and 3DMAX software to scan an actual car.

From there, Lapcida used an enormous five-axis diamond-tipped drill (one of three in the world)  to shape it. The drill then spent 100 hours at 7,000 rpm to create this incredible piece of art before their very own craftsmen hand-finished it to sheer perfection.

The details are exquisite but it’s going nowhere fast

The trademark nosecone of the infamous Ferrari 250 GTO rendered in white marble

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