These marble chairs may  look rigid and cold, but they’ve got a soft side that just may surprise you. Created by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, this love seat and chair combo is upholstered in a cover comprised of silk and viscose. The fabric is then printed with marble patterns.


These timeless pieces are an incredible addition to any home and definite conversation pieces.

 An incredible design exercise to say the least, these stunning pieces are worthy of sitting in the Sistine Chapel or even your powder room. In recent months, the chair has come under scrutiny from the art and furniture world, but it’s to be expected. These chairs are a far departure from what they would deem acceptable, but to us it’s not only a cool passion project, but a chair which is far more comfortable, and much cheaper than the likes of a real marble chair from Ai Weiwei.


At a quick glance it looks picture perfect. The only give away (as expected) would be the wrinkling of the fabric at some seams. Still an incredible conversation pieces to say the least.

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